Why It Works

Problem. Solved.

A different approach

With TailorWell, Association Health Plans deliver the employee benefit services needed by smaller employers, bringing enrollment, eligibility, benefit administration, billing and product choices together in a single solution. Here's how it works.

TailorWell designed a product-centered platform for small employers (1 to 500 employees). Unlike most benefit administration systems that are built to uniquely configure and manage one employer at a time, TailorWell’s core technology is designed to efficiently support aggregations of employer groups that all have access to a portfolio of products. Through one cost-effective, highly accurate proven platform, users:

  • Configure products
  • Maintain content
  • Maintain rates
  • Quote, select risk
  • Set up employers
  • Control business rules
  • Maintain employee data
  • Send eligibility files
  • Shop
  • Enroll
  • Add dependents
  • View products
  • View invoices
  • Pay premiums
  • Remit to carriers
  • Reconcile

Online employee shopping experience

The TailorWell Marketplace was designed and built by ecommerce experts. Our intuitive shopping experience was built on direct research, tested many times by consumers for usability. The results show it. We routinely receive great feedback: “intuitive”, “familiar”, “clear.”

Our ingenuity is your gain

Each type of end user finds value in the experience on the platform:

It works for Consumers

  • Empowers employees and allows them to make their own decisions about which benefits to choose
  • Supports guided “a la cart” shopping as well as product packages
  • Offers filtering by product types and features, presents help in context
  • Presents extensive product content online
  • Detects errors and omissions via a “smart” shopping cart

It works for Employers

  • Provides a self-service, online portal to manage employee data, view product and broker information, view bills, make payments, and access reports
  • Integrates all benefit functions in a single, real time platform — employee data changes are reflected immediately in the consolidated bill, in eligibility files to carriers, and in the employee web site
  • Reduces time required to maintain benefits programs

It works for General Agents and Brokers

  • Simplifies tasks required to support producing brokers and employers
  • Allows single submission of a census file to support quotes across all products offered
  • Speeds turn around of quotes
  • Enables access to employer enrollment, product, and census data
  • Delivers timely and accurate commission payments
  • Offers branded marketplace options to support associations, MEWAs, and other small employer benefit products

It works for Carriers and Product Vendors

  • Offers efficient access to new markets
  • Streamlines product operations
  • Supports multiple carriers and products—health insurance, indemnity medical coverage, direct access primary care, telemedicine, dental, vision, life and disability insurance