What We Offer

Transparency. Simplicity. Speed.


TailorWell offers online self-service to everyone who works with Association Health Plans and other small employer benefit products.

    General Agents, Health Plans

    Quote, set up groups in minutes, immediately open and support enrollment, manage workflow


    Present quotes via website, set up groups, view client activity and volume


    See quotes, update employee data, view and pay single bill for all products


    Shop, enroll, view product details, contact carriers

Fast, Accurate, Lower Cost

TailorWell enables Association Health Plans to grow fast, maintain accuracy, and operate efficiently.


    A website displays products, rates, and attributes and sorts, filters, and models employer and employee cost. No spreadsheets required.

    Set up

    New employer groups are set up in minutes so sales may be closed


    Employees enroll online or via forms; the process may be initiated directly from the quoting website.


    Employer and employee data is sent directly to carriers in a variety of formats automatically, at any frequency.


    Employers maintain employee data online. Changes are controlled to comply with the business rules of each product.


    An employer bill for all products is available online and is always current, immediately reflecting changes to employee or product data.


    Employers pay via ACH or check, collected by TailorWell


    TailorWell remits premiums, commissions, and fees and reconciles as needed


    Renewal quotes and acceptances are automated, mapping old products to new

Product Portfolio

Any type of employer sponsored benefit product is supported. TailorWell holds rates, controls business rules, and maintains and displays descriptive content.

  • Medical Plans
  • Supplemental Insurance Plans
  • Dental Plans
  • Vision Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Plans
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Health Savings Account
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Telemedicine
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts
  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Account