About Us

Good ideas. Solid pedigree.

TailorWell's team brings together e-commerce and employee benefits expertise. We work together daily to support our customers through technology and responsive, thoughtful service.

Our advantage is what we know. The TailorWell team has a history of developing and delivering high volume online solutions for retail and employee benefits products.

We are aware that our industry lags when it comes to customer experience and efficiency. We are transforming the market for employee benefits bringing value to employees, employers, brokers, health plans and other carriers. If you share our passion, partner with us as a customer, product supplier, or employee.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Peter Morris, Chief Executive Officer.

Peter spent much of his 30-year career at Hewitt Associates where he served as managing partner of the Seattle and San Francisco offices. He consulted with large employers on the design and implementation of employee benefits and compensation programs. Peter’s work focused on defined contribution models, like 401(k) plans and "flexible compensation" programs delivering health insurance and other benefits. He’s worked with venture capital and early stage companies over the last decade, so he knows what it takes to run a successful business—find dynamic people and inspire them to do their best.

Peter graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology, and earned a Masters of Business Administration, from Pacific Lutheran University.

Joe Parr, Technology.

As the company’s Director of Technology, Joe manages developers, QA masters and anyone else who thinks in code. He certainly is qualified for the task. After finishing his BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University Wisconsin and an MBA from Seattle University, Joe has been involved in industry disrupting technologies for Amazon.com, Target.com and Drugstore.com. His passion to bring ecommerce practices to employee benefits makes TailorWell an industry leader.